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ape 501 wont ignite

Inviato: 13 giugno 2020, 9:00
da sebamendez
hi all,

i am sebastian from belgium and the proud owner of 2 ape 501's.
since shortly i have 2 problems with 1 of the ape's. and i cant find what it is.

problem 1 is when i push the ignite button is hear a click but the engine wont turn over, when i push multiple times it wil turn over.

but then there is problem 2. i dont get a spark from my sparkplug. i tried the coil and the sparkplug from the other ape and it still wont work. so i am sure it is not a problem with the sparkplug or the coil (also because i tried the coil and spark plug from the not working one on the other one and it started directly) .
these problems started when i drove the ape of the trailer and missed the last 30cm of the ramp. never had starting problems before.

also checked the contact break thing what is contected at the side of my engine (used for timing) and when i turn the flywheel i can see that the contact is opening and closing
also noticed when i connect the ground to the coil the connection is sparking (dont know if this is normal or maybe is the problem)

hopefull that some one can help me with these problems


Re: ape 501 wont ignite

Inviato: 13 giugno 2020, 22:02
da kjjohnson
Very likely you have a bad ground. The negative terminal on the battery with the cable that goes behind it and bolted to the lower rear of the cabin may have been jarred loose. The other thing to check is make sure the battery has a good charge. If the solenoid clicks there's power going to it but also check the terminals on the starter solenoid to make sure nothing is loose. You might also have to check the big cable from the solenoid to the dynastarter making sure both connections are OK. With the key turned to the ON position the pink wire at the coil should have power. The APE MAINTENANCE - MP MODELS photo file on my website has many good tips - Ken - ... /index.php - ^&$
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Re: ape 501 wont ignite

Inviato: 18 giugno 2020, 16:11
da sebamendez
The clicking noice was indeed bad battey charge. Checked the Ground and is oke. Checked the circuit from thé minus of the battey to the plus of the coil and when key is on i have 12v. So circuit seems to be oke.

What Else can it be?
And can u Tell me if the cilindric shaped thing at the bottom of where the timing is set can be the problem and how i can check?

Re: ape 501 wont ignite

Inviato: 18 giugno 2020, 16:14
da sebamendez

Re: ape 501 wont ignite

Inviato: 18 giugno 2020, 16:45
da kjjohnson
That's a condenser. If it's failed you're not getting proper spark. Easy to change for a new one - Ken ^&$

Re: ape 501 wont ignite

Inviato: 18 giugno 2020, 19:13
da sebamendez
Yes indeed this one is fried.

Only 0.5ohm between connections.
Changed and started again.
Thanks ken

Re: ape 501 wont ignite

Inviato: 18 giugno 2020, 22:23
da kjjohnson
The fruits of your labour - enjoy - Ken ^&$