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P602, ATM1, TM, P703, P703V, ATM2, ATM3, ATD1, ATD2, FL, FL2, ZAPT10000
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Help needed

1 giugno 2018, 17:08

Recently purchased a 2007 piaggio 220cc tipper version need to order or source second hand parts but unsure which variant I have and have little knowledge I know the engine type is ATM2M and the serial number is ZAPT 1000000034944 I think but can obtain little information on it
Any help / advise greatly appreciated

Re: Help needed

1 giugno 2018, 22:15

Please see to:

I think you need these manuals:
https://www.mondoape.com/manuali/Spare- ... 009-GB.pdf
https://www.mondoape.com/manuali/Manual ... ina-IT.pdf
https://www.mondoape.com/manuali/Uso-e- ... sel-EN.pdf
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