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29 ottobre 2018, 12:15

Hello from Finland!
I just started Ape AC 4 1964 restauration project.

Re: Hello!

29 ottobre 2018, 16:43

Welcome! Have you got any pictures of it to share?

Re: Hello!

29 ottobre 2018, 23:16

Benvenuto! Welcome! $+;

Re: Hello!

14 novembre 2018, 19:28

It would be nice to share some photos with you, but I have them only at my phone and Facebook. I assume it's note possible to share from those.

Re: Hello!

15 novembre 2018, 0:49

Give us a link to your Facebook page - I can pull photos from that and email to you or post them here for you. Do you have a PC to download photos and save or only a phone? - Ken ( My Dad's family came from Finland after WWl )

Re: Hello!

16 novembre 2018, 17:33

My Facebook page could be found by my name, I'll send it to KJ as pm. Also any other Ape-fellows, if you are interested, please send me your Facebook name and I'll send you a friend request.
This is my first Ape or Piaggio Project, so I'm pretty sure I will have lot of questions in the near future!

Re: Hello!

17 novembre 2018, 13:41

Some photos of Max's Ape - Ken
max 1 (1).jpg
max 1 (2).jpg
max 1 (3).jpg

Re: Hello!

19 novembre 2018, 21:52

Very nice! It is an AC4 second series.
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